Ridgeleigh Terrace to Yellow Springs & Beyond

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C. F. KETTERING RESEARCH LABORATORY: RIDGELEIGH TERRACE TO YELLOW SPRINGS & BEYOND — Covering Boss Kett’s early career including his association with E. A. Deed’s in inventing the electric cash register, the automobile ignition and self starter and the forming of DELCO. Delving into more detail, this presentation will cover his many scientific interests outside of his activities at GM and his extensive activities after his retirement from GM. It is in this later period, presenter Chuck Johnson joined Boss Kett’s staff as a Senior Research Associate at the C. F. Kettering Laboratory for the study of Photosynthesis in Yellow Springs, Ohio. In that position, he worked directly with and for Mr. Kettering on many of his projects at that time until his death in 1958. He remained in that position until 1963. The Laboratory remained in operation until it closed in 1988.

Biography: Chuck Johnson
Graduate of Central State College, Wilberforce, Ohio (1956); Senior Research Associate, C. F. Kettering Research Laboratory, Yellow Springs, Ohio (1957-1963); Contractor Positions, WPAFB, Dayton, Ohio (1963-2001); Mgr. Engineering, Aerojet-General Corp., Toxic Hazard Research Unit (1963-1972); Principal Development Engineer, University of California Irvine, Toxic Hazard Research Unit (1972-1986); Northern Region Manager, Frontier Engineering, WPAFB Computer Center (1987-2001); Retirement; Univ. of Calif., Irvine 2001; Five Rivers Metro Park; Volunteer Tour Guide; Woodland Cemetery Volunteer Tour Guide; Dayton History Member and Volunteer Interpreter.


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