Post-War Czechoslovakia Communist Coup and the Cold War Exile

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Czechoslovakia was liberated from the Nazis in May 1945; however, the gradual Sovietization and the dominance of the Communist party took place in the country. The Communists completed the takeover in February 1948 and the period of their totalitarian regime lasted for more than four decades. After the takeover, thousands of Czechs and Slovaks (up to 300,000 between 1948-1989), who sought the return of freedom and democracy to their homeland, left. Their first steps in the free world brought these people into the so-called displaced persons camps in Western occupation zones of Germany and Austria or in Italy. The first periodicals were published, the first seeds of political activity were born and later developed by numerous exile groups and entities. Almost seven dozens of newspapers, magazines and newsletters, and nearly one hundred ninety Czechs institutions, including political organizations, parties, academic clubs or think-tanks, operated in the free world after 1948. Dr. Nekola will discuss all aspects of the Czechoslovak Cold War exile during his presentation.


Dr. Martin Nekola from the Czech Republic is an independent scholar, researcher, historian, political scientist and election observer on the post World War II Cold War and its legacy into the 21st century. His studies are primarily on the modern history of Czechoslovakia and the impacts of former Soviet domination. He has written and spoken extensively on this subject. Dr. Nikola earned his Ph.D. in political science in 2012 from Charles University Prague.

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