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POLICE DEPARTMENTS OF THE FUTURE — THE MOUND SCIENCE AND ENERGY MUSEUM is pleased to have Lee Faulkner and Bill Parsons, retired Dayton Police Officers, as our guest speakers at our monthly Wednesday Night Presentation Series on June 24, 2015, at 7:00 PM. Their topic will be “Police Departments of the Future.” They will discuss how in the future it is hoped that police departments will abandon policing strategies devised in the fifties and embrace advanced based policing strategies in combination with a community policing philosophy.

Evidence based policing entails using the latest scientific evidence to solve chronic crime problems via the utilization of published research and proven successes in other communities that have solved similar issues. The community policing philosophy will emphasize partnerships with the community and seek to involve community members in all aspects of the policing mission and provide a vehicle for the necessary oversight of local police departments. Lee Faulkner’s 32 year police career began at the Dayton Police Department in 1981. He gained experience in the areas of criminal investigations, crime prevention, security operations, and leadership. He retired as a Major in 2013. Major Faulkner worked closely with numerous Dayton businesses to increase the safety and security of their facilities, customers, and employees. Major Faulkner also partnered with the police chiefs at Sinclair College and the University of Dayton to help protect their campuses and student body. During his career, he was successful in developing and managing a variety of public safety and crime-preventions initiatives, including several programs that were nominated for prestigious awards. Bill Parsons is a retired twenty-six year veteran metropolitan police officer from Dayton Ohio. Bill worked closely with the transit professionals in Dayton developing the “Corner of Chaos” problem oriented police project to solve the systemic and overwhelming crime problems RTA was experiencing at its main transit hub. This multi-year project entailed developing communication strategies and safety protocol for operators and ambassadors for RTA.

This project went on to be one of six projects in the world nominated for a Goldstein Award in problem oriented policing. Bill has worked as a police academy commander for Sinclair College for twenty five years and has studied communication, negotiation and psychology extensively, holding degrees in criminal justice and psychology. Their presentation will take place at Mound Science & Energy Museum, 1075 Mound Rd., Miamisburg, Ohio, on Wed. June 24, at 7:00 PM. For further information, please check our website at: http://www.moundmuseum.com or call us at: (937) 353-4457.


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