Mound 2.0: Commercialization of Mound

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MOUND 2.0: COMMERCIALIZATION OF MOUND — Mr. Eric Cluxton, President of Mound Development Corporation, will provide a short update on the commercialization efforts here at the Mound Business Park.

As the turn of the new century brought about the close of the DOE Mound mission and D&D of over 100 buildings on-site, private sector businesses began developing at the site. Mound Technical Solutions (MTS), founded by Amy and Doug McClelland in 1996, is one of these initial businesses that continues today. Founded on the commercialization of the tritium measurement technology, MTS has expanded its product and service offerings in the past 22+ years at Mound. Today, Mound Technical Solutions provides products to DOE National Labs, power plants, defense agencies, commercial manufacturers, and universities located around the world.

Doug McClelland started at Mound Laboratory in Nuclear Operations in 1986, performing tritium instrumentation development, production, calibration, customization, and maintenance. After transferring to Mound’s Engineering Department, Doug left to work for Carl Kershner and continued to serve Mound with tritium instrumentation needs.

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