Eclipse Chasing: Heavenly Excuses to Travel

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A total solar eclipse is the most spectacular natural event you can ever witness. The Moon glides slowly in front of the Sun and at just the right moment, in just the right place, the Moon completely covers the Sun. Dean will share his adventures traveling around the world in search of solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, transits, and other astronomical events. Plus, he will give some tips to safely observe and photograph a solar eclipse such as the full solar eclipse that will be observable over much of Ohio on April 08, 2024.


Dean Regas is an astronomer, public speaker, author, and television host. From 2010-2019, he was the cohost of the syndicated television show Star Gazers, which airs daily on more than 100 PBS stations. He was the Outreach Astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory from 2000 to 2023. He is the author of six books including “100 Things to See in the Night Sky” and “How to Teach Grown-Ups About Pluto”. Dean has contributed to Astronomy Magazine, Sky and Telescope Magazine, Farmer’s Almanac, USAToday, Science Friday and Here & Now. He is also the host of a popular astronomy podcast called “Looking Up with Dean Regas” Dean brings the complicated field of astronomy down to Earth for people of all ages. He holds a B.A. in history and an M.A. in secondary education from Xavier University.

For additional details call 937-353-4457. The presentation is free and open to the public and has ample free parking.

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