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DAYTON INVENTIONS — Jim Charters, a spokesperson for Dayton History, will be the guest speaker at the next MOUND SCIENCE AND ENERGY MUSEUM’S SPEAKERS SERIES on January 25, 2017, starting at 7:00 PM. His topic will be “Dayton Inventions.”

Mr. Charters will tell us how Inventors from Dayton are responsible for a wide range of ideas that changed the world. At one time Dayton was known as the City of a Thousand Factories. James Ritty’s invention of the cash register led to NCR. Kettering’s automobile self-starter led to Delco. Thomas Midgley’s leaded gasoline led to Ethyl Corporation. And the Wright Brothers’ airplane… well that led to nearly everything else. Many creative minds from Dayton shaped the world we live in today.

Jim Charters is a spokesperson for Dayton History and has made presentations to numerous organizations about significant historical events and individuals from the Dayton area. He volunteers as an interpretive guide at Carillon Park and Hawthorn Hill. In 2013 he received Carillon Park’s “Volunteer of the Year” award.

He was born in Dayton and graduated from Chaminade High School and Ashford University. After a career with Illinois Tool Works (ITW), he returned to the Dayton Area (Washington Township) to enjoy retirement, traveling and volunteering.

Join us for this most informative and educational talk on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, at the Mound Science and Energy Museum, 1075 Mound Road, Miamisburg, Ohio, starting at 7:00 PM. Everyone in attendance will receive one free adult pass to Carillon Park.

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