Dayton: How the World’s Greatest Intelligence Sharing Partnership Began

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5 EYES is the world’s greatest intelligence sharing collaboration, and it began here in Dayton during World War II. Today on active duty across the globe, the 5 EYES’ member nations share intelligence, collaborate on operations, and actively promote common values.  This all began with the unprecedented intelligence activity 80 years ago. But it is part of a wider theme where engineering expertise, technology and innovation have marked world changing cooperation.

Speaker Biography
Group Captain Andrew Lloyd retired from active duty as the Deputy Director of the Logistics Directorate for the Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC). He now works at a Columbus based hi-tech company. He graduated from the Royal Air Force College Cranwell in 1988. Serving in Ohio, he has led development of partnering and collaboration with industry, as well as leading strategic planning and risk management for the sustainment enterprise. He is a keen historian, taking special interest in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812.

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