Dayton Codebreakers – Steve Lucht

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DAYTON CODEBREAKERS – STEVE LUCHT — During World War II, the Nazis used a code-generating machine to send top secret messages to their submarine fleet. They called it the Enigma. This machine allowed the German Navy to maneuver their submarines anywhere they wanted without the allies knowing. It wreaked havoc on the allied shipping. Learn how NCR and Joe Desch were able to crack the code and shorten the war. The work that he and the WAVES accomplished at NCR’s Building 26 was truly remarkable.

Steve Lucht
Steve is the Curator at Dayton History. He has degrees in telecommunications/mass communication from Ohio University (B.S.) and Miami University (M.A.) He worked in public radio for about 10 years. He went on to receive a Master of Arts degree in Public History from Wright State University. After graduating he worked as an Archivist for the Kettering Foundation and a Research Archivist for the Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas, returning to Dayton in 2007 to work for Dayton History.

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Mound Cold War Discovery Center
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