An Overview of the History, Roles, Operations, and Future Directions of the Miami Conservancy District

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The mission of Miami Conservancy District (MCD) is to protect lives, property and economic vitality within the Great Miami River Watershed. The impact of extreme weather and the challenges ahead require strategic planning and action to strengthen and modernize the MCD’s systems that protect and serve local communities. One crucial step is an update of how MCD manages more than 6,700 acres of land. MCD will share what has worked well over the past 100 years, and the strategies and tactics being used to prepare for the next 100 years.


Sarah Hippensteel Hall, Ph.D., Manager, Watershed Partnerships, MCD – Sarah believes that water is a critical element for community health and prosperity and communities who enjoy their rivers are more likely to protect their water. She currently serves as the MCD Manager of Watershed Partnerships, a 100-year old watershed agency. She has raised more than $16 million to protect and restore healthy rivers and aquifers, and improve and promote river access and recreation.

For additional details call 937-353-4457. The presentation is free and open to the public and has ample free parking.

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